There are two easy ways on how to get a Disney World reservation. The first way is via telephone, and the second way is via the internet. For you to know how you can get reservations using those two methods, continue reading.

Disney World Reservation Via Telephone

All you need to do is call Disney World’s reservations center at 407-939-7675. Once you call that number, you will encounter an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) machine. At the start of the call, you will be given the chance to choose between English or Spanish, choose whatever you prefer.

After that, follow the prompts and answer the questions that will be asked to you. Also, take note that Disney’s IVR recognizes speech, so you might need to speak up instead of pressing numbers. Also, when the prompt asks you about the reason you are calling, just tell the prompt ‘travel package reservations’.

Disney World Reservation Via The Internet

Open your web browser and then type ‘’ in its address bar. Once you do that, you will be redirect to Disney World’s home page, which is ‘’. Familiarize yourself with the website first before doing anything.

When you are ready to get a booking, look for the ‘PACKAGES’ tab on the upper right corner of the page. You must hover your mouse pointer over that tab. The tab’s appearance will change to a greener one, and a small context menu will appear below it.

On the menu, look for the link that says ‘Book Your Vacation’. After that, click that link, and you will be redirected to another page. On that page, you will be given the chance to configure your vacation reservation.

First, you must fill in the date you will check in and check out from Disney World. Then, specify the number of adults and children you will be bringing with you. Lastly, tick the checkbox that says ‘Yes, search for accessible rooms’.
Note that it is possible that you can book a reservation 499 days before you visit Disney World. Once you are now satisfied with the info that you supplied in the form, press the continue button on the bottom part of the page.

Checking For Room Availability

A small box, which will tell you to wait, will appear on the page. After a few seconds, it will redirect you to a list of resorts and hotels in Disney World. Click on those hotels for you to check if they have available rooms during your possible check in and check out dates.

Finishing The Transaction

Disney World ReservationOnce you were able to get a reservation from one of the hotels, proceed with the prompts that will ask for more information. On the other hand, it is possible that if you attempt to get reservations, all resorts will be fully booked. To get around that kind of dilemma, you will need to move your schedule to a far later date.

Those are the two ways on how you can get reservations for Disney World. It is not that difficult, though, as far as I can remember, if you are 18 years old and below, you will need to get your parent’s consent for you to finish a Disney World Reservation transaction.